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The International Trade Journal

Current Edition: ITJ Vol 38, 2024

The International Trade Journal is a refereed interdisciplinary journal published for the enhancement of research in international trade and associate areas of international business and international political economy. Its editorial objective is to provide a forum for the scholarly exchange of research findings in, and significant empirical, conceptual, or theoretical contributions to, theory and policy.

The International Trade Journal welcomes contributions from researchers in academia as well as practitioners of international trade broadly defined. The Journal’s scope includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Globalization and Trade
Trade and Development
Transnational Corporations and Trade
Multilateral Trade Regime
Foreign Direct Investment and Trade
Exchange Rates and Currency Markets
International Trade Theory
Emerging Markets
International Trade Policy
National and Regional Studies
Commercial Policy
International Financial Markets and Institutions

The International Trade Journal is published and distributed by Taylor & Francis and accepts on-line subscriptions.

Authors are responsible for views expressed, and accuracy of facts given. Such opinions do not necessarily reflect the position of Texas A&M International University or its Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade, the Editor, or the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal.